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Fil-Am Working Committee


We at FilamIdaho are proud to have a Fil-Am working committee dedicated to serving the needs of our community. Our committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who are committed to promoting and enhancing the contributions of Filipino-Americans in Idaho.

Rosemarie Pullman

Helen Aquino


Luningning Manubay

Charlie Mata

Menchie Fitzgerald


Ella Bulanon

Catherine Martinez

Louella Buzzi


Martz Thompson-Web Dev

Maribel Otto- Video &


Gabriell Abille-Graphic


Web & Creativity

Charlie Mata

Mike Ryan

Sound Systems & Logistics

Aurora Arellano

Dory Rice

Violy Osler

Teresita Veloso

Gilda Arrhenius

Vangie Jones

Dolly Florentin

Nenita Stillberger

Outreach & Special Affairs

Helen Aquino

Maribel Otto

Martz Thompson

Adel Stacey

Maria Pema

Rosemarie Pallman


Teresita Veloso


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