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4th of July

Filipino-American Association of Idaho Independence Day Celebrations: Honoring Heritage and Freedom on July 4th

Filipinos in Boise, Idaho, celebrate July 4th with a unique blend of American and Filipino traditions, 
fostering a sense of community and cultural pride. Despite being away from our homeland, we maintain 
a strong connection to our Filipino heritage while embracing our new home.
The preparations started in the afternoon, July 3rd, with dedicated Fil-Am members and volunteers 
working tirelessly to decorate the float for the parade with red, white, and blue decorations. Preparing a 
float for the 4th of July parade requires careful planning and teamwork. Our team puts in the effort, 
creativity, and enthusiasm to make the float a stunning piece for the parade. The float volunteers gather 
to finalize the design and theme, ensuring it aligns with the Independence Day spirit.
The heart of any Filipino celebration lies in its food. Members and volunteers brought delectable dishes. 
It’s always a feast for Filipinos at every gathering and we called it “Potluck”. It is a gastronomic feast 
filled with mostly authentic dishes representing the rich flavors of the Philippines. We indulge our 
delicious food during this get-together.
As the day draws to a close, some of the members share their excitement and satisfaction, knowing that 
all our hard work and dedication will bring joy and pride to everyone attending the Filipino American 
Association's July 4th celebration in Idaho. 
Filipino-American Association of Idaho's 4th of July celebrations often showcase the rich cultural 
heritage. Parades are a common sight, with colorful floats decorated with both Philippine and American 
flags, reflecting the community's unity and loyalty to both cultures. Fellow parade participants proudly 
display our heritage through traditional Filipino attire, such as Barong Tagalog or Filipiniana dress 
outfits, accompanied by the upbeat sounds of Filipino music. Other members and volunteers are at the 
back of the float dancing the Filipino folk dance. 
In conclusion, July 4th celebrations in Boise, Idaho, for Filipinos are a harmonious blend of Filipino 
Identity and American patriotism. Filipinos must unite, strengthen bonds, and share our traditions with 
American friends and neighbors. It's a day for us to come together as a community, showcasing our 
cultural pride while appreciating our home in America

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